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How to refurbish an Apple smartphone

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How to refurbish an Apple smartphone

There are various processes involved in refurbishing an Apple smartphone; it all begins from dismantling of your hardware and ends up with polishing & assembling.

Are you searching to refurbish your new smartphone but unable to locate the correct place? Read on for some facts about a smartphone refurbishing process.

Have you ever wondered what refurbishing an Apple smartphone is really about? Maybe it was a conversation with friends, or a colleague asked you why iPhones are always so expensive when you can buy them for next to nothing online. Whatever the case may be, it's about time we dive into the processes iPad and iPhone refurbishing entails and what it's like to perform them.

The iPhone is a class apart. It is the embodiment of what elegance and grace look like when they intermingle together. There can't be two opinions about it - Apple makes beautiful products that everyone desires to own and carry around. Every year, the rumors of a possible new iPhone release crop into the news and this invariably leads to the entire world waiting for its release with bated breath.

In the current era of internet and e-business, a mobile phone is not just for calling. The main purpose of mobile phone is to communicate with friends, family and colleagues via apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter.

Formidable Wireless have Technicians that are certified to repair and refurbish smartphones

Some apple phones are selected and visually checked for any scuffs or dents

A rigorous check of the software, the phone is wiped, and all data removed and IMEI is checked to ensure they are not on the National blacklist

Battery performance is also checked, if the battery falls below 80%, the battery is replaced with a genuine iPhone battery part

all scuffs are dealt with by replacing screen on back glass with genuine iPhone parts

After all replacement. Phone goes through software checks with our software mobility tools, then a thorough visual inspection of the body

then tested and certified before they are available for resell

You can purchase various refurbished Apple iPhone on their store here

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